Public Program

A success story, in the first go! A 2-day workshop with overwhelming feedback. The participants thoroughly enjoyed learning about Coaching and its appropriate implementation in any workplace.This Workshop entailed numerous exercises, role-plays, pictorial and video explanation of the Dos & Don’ts in Workplace Coaching and much more.

High Performing Team Workshop

Edge Quest conducted training programs for HBL, collaborating with the trainers on Edge Quest’s panel. These programs included the MT Program (Self-Kinect, Navigate and Rise), Communication Skills Workshop and High Performing Teams Workshop.

Having a clear conscious and positive mindset is the key to performing better in the workplace. We conducted a self Kinect virtual session for team HBL, where our trainer Atika Imtiaz shed light upon self awareness, self management, communication skills and how these skills add value at the workplace.

Keeping your employees connected virtually is a great way to boost workplace communication and employee morale, especially in the changed work environment. EQ conducted a few virtual training sessions with our  project management expert, Muhammad Sadiq for HBL, which included training activities enjoyed by the participants.

Communication Skills Workshop

Getting your message across in a way that is clear and coherent is a critical skill in your professional and personal life.  The Communication Skills workshop conducted for HBL identified the necessary ingredients of any conversation. The participants learned to be better communicators by exploring the communication process and how different communication styles affected their personal style.

Team Building Workshop

Building teams to build a better future! A team building workshop for the office teams of Adamjee Life was conducted, creating a lively experience with numerous team building activities in Bhurban and Dreamworld, Karachi.