Getz Pharma Health Olympics

What an energetic day for the Getz Pharma family! A full day of exuberant outdoor activities captured the interest of all participants as they actively took part in the Olympic Themed sports day.

The Getz Pharm Superbash

What can be a better way to awaken the team spirit, sense of belonging and strengthening union than through the eagerness to win together?EQ Team enjoyed designing the ambiance, catering to delicacies and executing The Getz Pharma Superbash which was a full-day cricket tournament. Different teams took part in full spirit, aiming for the trophy.

Getz Pharma Beach

Our promise to ensure brilliant execution pertains even at the beach! The Getz Pharma beach day was not just any ordinary beach event. With a worthwhile sight from the coastline, grand setup and arrangements along with the exhilarating experience that we designed to engage the Getz Pharma family in exciting games and activities, it couldn’t have been any better!

Stall Fabrication

At the PSR Conference, Edge Quest embraced the responsibility of Branding and Fabrication for the Getz Pharma Stall at Regent Plaza. To keep the visitors engaged, activities including live mug printing were the highlights.