Uroosa Mohsin

“NLP Practitioner & Personal Development Coach”

With an ambition to make a difference, Uroosa is passionate about uplifting the youth to unleash their potential. Along with being one of the very few certified NLP Practitioners, she posses a unique skillset of Leadership, Counselling and Training & Development


Over the time span of 7 years Uroosa has had a vast experience working in many Managerial roles including TCF, The Institute of Mind Sciences, INJAZ Pakistan, ChildLife Foundation

A certified Hypnotherapist with National Guild of Hypnotherapist USA who has also bee trained on ‘Empowerment’ by Tony Robbins, Uroosa is an expert Soft Skills Trainer. She was the member of Federation of Pakistan Training and Development Industry (FPCCI) from 2016 – 2017.

With a wide experience and knowledge in her bucket on Personal Development uroosa also has expertise in the area of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), along with being a practitioner of Silva Life & Intuition System. Having experience from both the local and international trainers, Uroosa left her job to pursue one-on-one coaching and continue her passion for training.

Uroosa is also an amateur writer with an experience on working on books and writing in newspapers and various blogs in Pakistan. Uroosa believes to utilize every possible way that could help her reach out to the people and make an impact.

Her strengths are inherent in her personality that makes her adaptable to varying environments, commitment to motivating people to realize their full potential and being a catalyst to inner change


  • Soft Skills Training
  • Team Management
  • Counselling and Therapy
  • Team Leadership
  • Strategy